Vauxhall Vans spa Size Matters

It's amazing how we mere mortals coped before the advent of the everyday things we now take for granted. Spare a thought for the workman carrying his primitive tools on horseback rather than cruising around in a shiny Vauxhall Van with all manner of screwdrivers in the rear. I mean before television, you might as well have put yourself to bed after the evening meal as you'd have had to expand your grey matter by reading a book otherwise. That said your conversation skills would've had a good workout around the dinner table as the family tucked into their meal together. Harry Enfield's character Kevin the Teenager may never have seen the light of day had this continued.

Then there's the ever expanding world of things beginning with ‘i', the Apple empire of the i-Phone, i-Tunes and iPod being prime examples of the phenomenon. I remember owning a CD rack that held 40 CDs that I managed to wedge into my tiny bedroom at university. Having a collection of hundreds of CDs meant that every term I agonised over which 40 would make the grade and travel with me a few hundred miles from home to my student accommodation. How stupid do I feel now then carrying 5,000 songs on a tiny piece of equipment or having them at my fingertips on my computer?!

I must warn you that I do get philosophical from time to time and now is one such moment Autel MK808. Of all the time in the countless billions of years the earth has been around, don't you feel lucky to be alive at this moment? Yes society is falling apart thanks to the hoodie youths, yes the economy is crumbling and yes Kia are still making cars but look how much has been achieved so recently. In the last 40 years we've been to the moon (yes we have!), made huge medical advances to extend life expectancy, had the face of music and fashion change our society forever, and developed the internet and countless other modern technological marvels. If the world is a billion years old then 99.99% of our evolving has taken place in the most recent 0.0004% of the earth's life - we're truly lucky.

For me though the very best thing ever is Youtube - no really it is. My personal evolution has dramatically increased as the history of seemingly anything broadcast to the world can be found on this video website. There are countless clips of useless stunts from egomaniacs desperate for fame, a host of educational and historical information and most importantly clips from my favourite comedy The Mighty Boosh. It is without being overly flowery, the entire world in microcosm - at the press of a keyboard.

Its ironic then that in this age of everything being small, easy to transport and accessible from anywhere that the Vauxhall Movano should be such a good van. I mean if things continue as they're going all our jobs will be done from home or by robots. In the meantime though if you're after a van to transport you from place to place and job to job look no further.

You see a Vauxhall Van, much like the rest of the Vauxhall range is a good all rounder. Style wise it's obviously not sculpted like a sports car, but the Movano maintains the Vauxhall lineage with an instantly recognisable front end incorporating the trademark ‘V' grill. Of more importance is the load space and you'll find 13.9m3 cargo space, a load length of 3,714mm and a maximum height of 2,147mm. In other words, this Vauxhall van is BIG.

The cabin is arguably the second most important aspect and you won't be short on storage for your day to day essentials. There are cup holders galore, a slot for a clipboard, more holes than a lump of cheese and a lockable glovebox. The driving position can be adjusted and the dashboard mounted gearbox is not only handily placed for driving, but for sliding across the cabin and getting safely out on the pavement side.

The Movano is refined on the motorway and surprisingly nimble through town. The gear change is slick and the range of engines competitive. Be warned, the 3.0 litre turbocharged version is embarrassingly quick for a van and thirsty too autointhebox discount code. Whatever the engine, maintaining your van should be a doddle, with Vauxhall asking for a check up every 25,000 miles and offering competitive servicing costs.

In this modern day and age of everything being smaller and technically advanced, it's refreshing that the Vauxhall Movano doesn't just do the tough jobs in a computer-free manner but it makes a big deal in doing so.

Mark Creese gets to grips with the Vauxhall Movano the largest of the Vauxhall van range

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