UK Breakdown

If you have ever needed to think of breakdown recovery then two companies are likely to spring immediately to mind; The AA and the RAC. The AA & RAC have both been around serving the public for more than one hundred years. Over the years both the AA and the RAC have matured and expanded their services to the public and have grown in membership number The breakdown cover industry has become much more competitive with additional companies such as More Th>n, Green Flag and TESCO all competing to give the best price and out doing each other with services it抯 a great thing for the consumer.

People are venturing out to other companies and aren抰 just buying from the biggest brands as the market becomes more competitive between breakdown providers and they drive their prices down. It抯 likely that people who haven抰 been in a breakdown for a while and see it as an unlikely eventwill be the ones venturing out to new providers going for the cover that saves them the most.

There are people where car breakdown cover is something that doesn抰 really enter their mind until they realise they should of thought of it before Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS, they are experiencing a breakdown situation Autel MaxiCOM MK808, stressing and not knowing what they can do now. Well just take a few moments to think if you have cover and if you have bought a new car do you have breakdown cover.

If you don抰 have breakdown insurance just for one moment Imagine you抮e travelling up the country late at night, suddenly you have engine troubles and you breakdown, hundreds of miles away from home in an unknown area alone how would you cope?

One large question is which company to go for? The two largest breakdown figures (RAC & AA) are typically costing more as they have a larger number of higway patrols and premier services, other breakdown services use large networks of local garage mechanics and don抰 pay extra for dedicated patrols which they argue is better because the mechanics know the local area also none of what you pay goes towards the cost of branding patrols. This can also could be seen as a negative that the company does not have its own patrols. With a larger patrol force you would assume you would get help quicker if your car broke down, speed of assistance is obviously paramount. Often people renew their cover with the traditional branded companies, Breakdown cover companies have high member renewal rates as people feel the company is reliable and don抰 want to take risks in trying someone else. No matter who you go with there are going to be members who have had good and bad service with millions of breakdowns each year breakdown companies are going to make a few mistakes.

Levels of cover entitle the user to different levels of assistance if all you have is the entry level of cover you will receive assistance from a patrol man if your car cant be repaired then you will be given a local tow to a home or a local garage whichever is closer. After roadside repair the next level of cover up is a relay service which entitles you to be towed to any main land UK destination of your choice. The final popular level of assistance you can take out is home start cover, if you don抰 have home start you typically have to be more than quarter of a mile away from your home to receive assistance.

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